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Every sales lead is a business opportunity, and every lead lost is a missed revenue opportunity.

Arm your sales team with a fully-featured sales and customer engagement tool to nurture every lead that comes your way.

Clastic is your smart and simple solution to segment, track and measure the flow of your conversion funnel. Designed exclusively for small businesses, this integrated suite is a powerful tool that enables businesses to closely track sales pipeline and close sales-ready deals.

The platform has an easy-to-use and simple interface for your sales reps to conveniently get adapted to the software. With Clastic, you can quickly organize muddled up data and processes the right way!

Clastic Implements Flawless Transition

  • Import existing leads for nurturing process
  • New leads are enrolled into Clastic
  • Evaluate sales readiness to initiate adequate follow-ups
  • Real-time notification & alerts on hot prospects
  • Automatically qualify leads with custom lead scoring
  • Measure campaign effectiveness via intuitive lead analytics reports

Lower costs, more ROI, streamlined processes, more sales volume, shortened sales cycle… these are terms you hear more quite often in your meetings. Go on, implement Clastic, hit more conversions, miss fewer leads and stay on top of it all!

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