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Search contacts from over 40 million B2B leads

10,000+ B2B leads are added every month.

Searching for contacts online and sending emails instantly has never been easy. With Clastic, users can search for business leads from over 40 million contacts that are maintained in our master database.

Search for contacts on Clastic and you will be tapering down by different criteria including Title, Levels, Departments, SIC Codes, Employees, and Revenues of Companies and Geographies. You can get contacts belonging to 20 departments and 99 industries. Get real-time counts of the number of contacts available on the platform while choosing your criteria.

Contacts Procurement Process

Contacts on our list are acquired from reliable data sources like…
  • Email Campaigns
  • Offers
  • Free Magazines
  • Newspaper Subscription Offers
  • Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Web Based Profiles
  • Tradeshow Attendee Lists
  • Public Record Information
  • Phone Surveys
  • Web Based Registrations
  • B2B Directory Partnerships
  • Telephone and Web Directories
  • Annual Reports SEC Filings

Contacts Validation & Verification Process

  • Every new record entered is sent through a de-duplication process to ensure uniqueness
  • Contacts are verified using multiple sources to check if they are valid or invalid
  • Invalid contacts are run through stringent validation processes
  • Incomplete records are appended with necessary information
  • Each contact is sent for automatic and manual verification, which includes tele-verification to keep only accurate and consolidated data in our master database

Contacts Updating Process

  • 10,000+ business leads are added to the database every month
  • All 40 million email addresses are verified every month
  • Every contact is tested for spam traps and bounces

Clastic Follows These Three Processes To Ensure 100% Data Accuracy To Every User Accessing Contacts.

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