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The global real estate business is booming. It is one of the largest industries in the world and employs over a million people. Revenue for the US real estate industry stands at a staggering $104 billion, with over 900,000 registered businesses keeping active.

The market is seeing several successful attempts coming from flexible businesses. Customers have options such as traditional, flat sale, and special home-buying programs. Incentivizing moves have come from the government as well, which is probably why the corrected prices are not making the market look too bad. Globally, real estate is one of the safest investments today. Short-term investments which appreciate satisfyingly are not many, but real estate does have that scope in many parts of the world.

A lucrative element in real estate is businesses run by individual licensed operators. They are licensed by the town council to initiate, operate, and commission the renting, purchase, or transfer of real estate. Such real estate agents rely heavily on referrals and word of mouth. With the customer going online to understand and arrive at a purchase decision, no real estate agent or agency can overlook the massive opportunities hidden in the digital world.

Email marketing is used a great deal in the real estate industry. Its influence is of paramount importance when it comes to reaching individuals and companies looking to purchase, sale, or rent properties.

Clastic is a tool for the real estate marketing professional. It allows you to upload buyer/prospect data and get it appended for the latest and truest information. It has one of the largest online repositories of real estate buyers globally. Marketers can look through the lists; give specific actions for segmentation according to various criteria such as geography, individuals, companies, zip codes and so on.

Clastic is a unique choice you can make. It not only allows you to upload or choose the list you want to send out your campaigns to, it allows you to design email templates, create automated campaigns and set pre-determined dates for launches and following up. This is by far the biggest USP in the marketing technology space. It gives the user real-time reports, which allow fine tuning of campaigns and corrections.

Real estate marketing professionals using 360oCampaigner can improve their lead generation results immensely. They can thus concentrate on meeting clients and conducting transactions while the platform runs their campaigns simultaneously. This saves time and reduces resources spent on marketing activities. It is a wise move to switch to Clastic and enhance your marketing programs.

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