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The Multichannel Advantage for Businesses

With the advent of internet and smartphone apps, advertisers today have a great deal of choice as to how they should market their products. Most companies today rely on the web to reach out to the right mix of prospects. Multichannel Marketing has lately emerged as a boon for businesses and it is cost effective, fast, and measurable.

Consider these facts:

60% internet users read newspapers on computers or smart phones.

Mobile ads have seen an increase in readership by over 67% in the last six months.
Did You Know?

When publishers introduced email as a multichannel marketing strategy, their cost-per-order for reacquisition campaigns reduced by 50%. This was mainly due to a quicker response by the lost subscribers and low communication costs.

Clearly, multichannel marketing is the most viable option for businesses to create a long-lasting impact on their prospects.

Clastic offers Multichannel Marketing solutions to suit the needs of organizations, advertisers, and marketers. Expertise in simultaneous strategies enables you to reach out to customers without leads turning cold. We customize multichannel strategies to offer the right mix of marketing solutions to give your business the best possible online presence. With assistance, your campaigns can prove to be invulnerable, even for long time spans.

Campaigns in their entirety involve launching them, designing and rolling them out, promoting through apt messages, and tracking analytics besides other temporary details.

Email Marketing

Across industries, Email Marketing is the most preferred medium for spreading word about business.
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Smartphone Marketing

With Clastic you can try your strategies on a huge number of mobile/smartphone app users.
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