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Cut down on unnecessary loss of revenue and time with marketing automation

The marketer is hard pressed for time, with deadlines looming on the horizon every day. Managing multiple campaigns and getting the best out of all of them is not an easy task. Today, technology has advanced and marketing automation has become a reality.

What does marketing automation do?

It is not a robot which writes pitches for you and sends it out. It makes life easy for you. A decent amount of time and effort goes into answering prospects individually when they come into your sales funnel. Marketing automation allows you to target prospects specifically with appropriate messages at the right time without missing out. Marketing automation software platforms customize content, identify prospects, understand where they are in the buying cycle, and target them.

It is at an advanced stage today

Marketing today has become a tricky affair. B2B prospects know a lot about you and your product even before they get in touch with you. That only means B2B marketers need to up the ante. Prospects leave a digital footprint. Prolific marketing automation software identifies that, analyzes it, and then curates content for them, specifically. Lead scoring mechanisms allow us to understand how interested the prospect is, and then enables better management of them.

Inbound marketing, content marketing, and marketing automation

These are the three sisters of the digital age. Content marketing comes full circle when it is effectively paired with marketing automation. Creating compelling content, tailor made for specific users, and then delivering them at the right time is the true essence of good marketing automation. All of these combine to form inbound marketing, converging to uplift sales.


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