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Print has gone digital. With the internet taking over communication lines, advertising has seen the biggest shift in terms of areas of concern. In the next 10 years, the marketing and advertising sector is estimated to contribute an annualized figure of 4.5% to the global GDP. Even though print media has taken a back seat, it still brings in a chunk of business. The promising areas are digital media and mobile optimized advertising. Emerging markets are under the microscope because of the increase in spending power of developing populations.

A majority of the firms in this business include those which create advertising campaigns and distribute them through strategic media placement. There are also other services offered including advice on branding and advertising strategies, creative services, and production of media and so on. The marketing industry is seeing a significant increase in spends on digital marketing.

The chart above illustrates the increase in ad spends in the developing world led by the Asia-Pacific region.

Digital marketing is dominated by email marketing, which is one of the best tools providing the scope for considerably high ROI. Combining data and email campaigns is a tedious task for marketers. Due to the increase in time spent on campaigns; planning and execution are taking a back seat. Clastic is the perfect solution for the stressed out marketing professional.

It provides two main advantages – a gateway for the accumulation of data, and the ability to run campaigns simultaneously through a single login. It speeds up promotional processes infinitely. With pre-loaded email campaign templates, the work gets even easier.

Now, even if your data is corrupt and requires cleansing, the same login works. Clastic takes the pain away from digital marketing campaigns. It allows a higher number of campaigns with better data and real-time analytics, while helping you to understand and fine tune them compellingly.

Invest in Clastic, a strong marketing automation platform to make things easier for your marketing team.

Marketing Automation Platform with Pre-loaded Email Templates
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