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Email List Management Made Easy With Clastic…

Import Contacts List

Import and store contacts in your account…

Import numerous contacts to the email marketing software from your computer. All the lists imported will be stored in the User’s account, and you can launch emails when necessary.

Validate Email Addresses

Validate every email to ensure deliverability…

Every email address in the contacts list will be validated across the data in our master data file. Outdated or erroneous email ids will be removed and replaced with active email addresses that are updated.

Get Rid of Bounces

Eliminate bounces to save dollars…

Bounces found in an email list are eliminated instantly to save balance emails count in the User's account, which effectively saves you dollars. Every contact list is run through a stringent bounce management system to prevent soft and hard bounces, as well as spam traps.

Manage Unsubscribes

No emails to who don’t want them…

We take norms and laws seriously. Managing unsubscribes is a live evidence. Upload your unsubscribed contacts list to segregate uninterested IDs from your contact lists. Anytime you send an email, unsubscribes will not interfere.

Add New Contacts

Add to your list on the go…

Add new contacts manually to your email list to expand it. Every contact added will be verified in real-time to ensure your list is up-to-date.

List Segmentation

Segment your contacts industry-wise and more…

We understand that a perfect target fetches perfect results. That is why we have included list segmentation in our email campaign tool. You can send ultra-niche emails to lists by segmenting contacts based on Industry, Geography and Demographics.

With drilled down specifications, you can experience greater returns than ever…

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