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Spot the real customers on your radar and make their journey remarkable!

Clastic is a data-powered tool that enables sales teams and marketers to scoop out their actual prospects. Identify the status of the prospects in the conversion pipeline. Whether your leads are hot, warm or cold, prepare your campaigns accordingly.

Clastic has a fully-featured lead nurturing solution. The platform simplifies your efforts to find new leads, draw insights for sales, and optimize marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

Clastic Implements Flawless Transition

  • Track, manage and analyze your multi-channel lead nurturing programs
  • Personalize your campaigns according to target audience behavior
  • Recognize hot leads and benefit from an immediate action plan
  • Shake up your cold leads and stay in constant touch with them
  • Choose email templates or create your own, and schedule email delivery
  • Upsell prevailing customers with add-on products and services
  • Build and manage better customer relationships

The platform pilots you to an effective and optimized marketing campaign, delivering the right message to the right place, at the right time. From lead capture to lead analytics, we have it all covered in our lead nurturing tool.

Clastic is your shortcut to turn prospects into customers, faster.

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