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The hospitality industry is all about knowing your customers well. Their tastes, behavior and choices are necessary information for hospitality-based sales and marketing professionals.

Digital marketing has already helped the industry by creating buzz for establishments and breaking barriers to reach customers. But to achieve conversions through digital marketing, you need to equip your hospitality business with the right tools that keep you one step ahead of competitors.

Clastic is an integrated suite of tools that grant detailed customer profiling, which is an absolute essential to create customer engagement and build customer loyalty. With Clastic, you can track customer activities and understand their preferences to personalize communication and offer privileged services.

Clastic has the capability to create, customize, implement, manage and measure campaigns. It further helps you to tune up strategies and reallocate resources and investments. No matter how big your customer database, the platform allows you to segment their details based on a wide range of factors and reach out to all of them in the right away.

Our solution is aimed at creating optimized and effective industry-specific marketing and simplifying your efforts. The platform provides insightful information to initiate dynamic and fruitful customer-engagement and loyalty programs. They are not only productive for finding new customers and retaining existing ones, but to save money, increase revenue and create competitive advantage.

Understanding customers is the agenda of hospitality businesses and enhanced customer experience is what Clastic gives. The data-driven tool is powerful because it lets you infer what works, what doesn’t and what more can be done. The software can be your easy way out for escaping financial risks.

Clastic has proved to be that X factor to make customer experience special and keep customer satisfaction high!

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