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The nature of marketing has changed drastically with the evolution of digital media. But healthcare has had a passive attitude towards adopting digital marketing and CRM technologies. Fortunately, though gradually, more and more healthcare institutions have come to realize how a cutting-edge solution can benefit them to build credibility and trust, nurture relationships and generate wider reach. And now, the word is spreading.

Clastic is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that lets healthcare institutions reach their customers with the best information. You can easily learn what your customers want by tracking their interactions with your communication.

With the all-in-one solution, you will not only fetch insights, but save your time and simplify your efforts to reach them with auto-delivery messaging features. Thus, engagement and education can take equal importance in your marketing campaigns.

Clastic is designed to help healthcare marketers reach their customers with targeted, optimized, personalized and relevant information. The technology makes it easy for you to create, track and measure the performance of your standard and customized campaigns.

Clastic is capable of managing a large database and organizing it based on demographics, age, gender, occupation, income, geography, medical history, disease profile, disease propensity and more. With support of insightful data, healthcare marketers can incur a full-fledged online strategy for digital marketing.

The solution is not just for sending the right content or simplifying data collection. It clubs all the perfect tools and channels to keep the optimum results oozing out from every campaign. Achieving efficient patient-centric healthcare marketing, generating relevant leads and reaching individuals personally is no longer an impossible task for healthcare institutions. Clastic makes it all possible, and you might enjoy results better than your expectations.

Make your life easy while making life better for your customers…

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