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How data and campaigns from a Single platform can decrease the time spent on marketing and increase revenue


Email marketing takes up a lot of time from a marketing point of view. It involves the initial phases of understanding about which group to target, collection or purchase of data, preparing an email pitch, sending it out, and then waiting for a response. Time as an asset sees a lot of wastage. This case study shows how wastage of time can be cut dramatically by integrating the two most important aspects of email marketing – data and campaigns.

The client:

A New Jersey retail giant* with branches across the United States and global locations is in the business of branded merchandise sales. Their strength is collaboration with big industry players who have licensed sale of their merchandise through them. Some of their marketing and merchandise partners include movie studios, track and field suppliers, and sports goods manufacturers. Their online presence is prominent with social media bringing in numerous leads.

The challenge:

The client had a strong email marketing program running. They were also able to generate a good number of leads every month. The issue arose when a study was done on the ROI and the time spent on email marketing. The numbers were alarming. The time and resources (not just money but manpower) spent was a lot higher than the average number of deals coming in from the leads generated.

The issue was understood as follows. The data provider for their email marketing then was an independent company, and their email campaigns were being run on a license from another company. The time spent on procuring data and transferring it to the email platform was painfully slow, sometimes hitting weeks.

This was causing considerable pain for the sales team who used to run out of leads for days on end. To put an end to this, the management decided to look out for vendors who could provide these services under the same license.

The Solution:

A study on the current players in the market was conducted, and it brought up interesting results. The options were very few and these vendors had typically bad data or bad email delivery platforms. Clastic turned out to be the best option. The client had a trail run of the data they already had, and used the email delivery platform the site provided.

The results were amazing

The client was able to upload data in record time. They had the option of removing bad data from their list and this was done in the shortest time they had ever seen. After the data was ready to go, they had the option to use their own HTML designs, use any one of the many different designs already available on the website. They could also use the HTML design assistance software available on-site. This was a first time for them.

Clastic allows users to not just upload data, but it also has one of the largest databases on the internet. Clients can create a custom list with highly specialized criteria of classification available. This feature was exactly what the client was looking for

The client used a design they already had and ran a campaign. They used the option of the platform’s real-time analytics to monitor and track the responses. The client saw that this was the best campaign their marketing team had ever sent in the company’s history.

The click rate, averaging at a healthy 45%, was the highest. Email responses streamed in daily, and their SPAM complaints were close to nil due to the fact thatClastichas the largest SPAM/ complainers and bounce file integrated to prevent bad reputation. All of these points added up to a very successful campaign for the client.

With so many functionalities available from a single login and platform, the client was very pleased to partner withClasticto run all their email marketing campaigns. The client utilizes some of the additional features that the platform offers such as server and IP management, 24/7 support, constant data updates, and cleanse tools.

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Case Study

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