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How a multi-functional online email marketing platform enabled higher engagement and faster marketing


This case study outlines a dramatic increase in click rates which a New Zealand based software service saw after using the multi-layered functionality of Clastic. This tool has helped the company reach clients and prospects with personalized HTML campaigns and higher levels of engagement through real-time reporting and analytics.

The client:

A New Zealand based software services provider* - a leading source of software related solutions for industries such as farming, agriculture, food processing and so on. Their solutions are specific to various sectors, requiring a large amount of personalization. These solutions are usually used in large manufacturing and production facilities where processes are highly sensitive. They have been serving some of the biggest food processors in New Zealand for over 2 decades now.

The challenge:

In spite of being one of the top companies in the field, the client was facing stiff competition from startups. They were not just snatching old and trusted clients, but were also creating new products quickly making existing solutions obsolete. On the technology side, the client pumped in resources to sharpen their services. One of their strengths was that they had a very experienced team of developers, who did not waste time in coming up with innovations and creating new and path-breaking IT solutions.

Creating new business was one of the objectives for the company. They did not have a full-fledged marketing department, as it was the part of a sizeable sales team. Digital/email marketing was not their forte, and they lacked resources and the technical know-how to conduct serious email campaigns. A complete study of the situation revealed two requirements which needed urgent attention.

  1. An email list which was verified and ready to use
  2. Email campaign capabilities to send out prospecting emails

The solution needed to be able to provide answers to both the requirements. Ideally, the client was looking for a provider who would be able to give them both in a bundle.

The Solution:

The client was looking for a service that could deliver a list of potential customers. It had to be verified and bring viability for launching campaigns simultaneously. This was a problem because it was found that most providers of this service were lacking in either one of these areas. Only one company stood out. Clastic, which is an online tool enabling the user to send email campaigns with pre-designed HTML templates to a list which is ready for use. This list is verified, with the largest SPAM/ complainers and bounce files (do-not-send files) integrated to prevent bad reputation.

The client was willing to take up the program but they needed a test campaign to be run. Clastic offered a free trail where the client was able to upload their own data and run a test. With real-time analytics built in, the client was able to see how well the campaign was running. After the successful trial, the client signed up.

Clastic allows the user to create a custom list based on criteria of choice, thus allowing complete freedom. After the list was created, all they had to do was use one of the pre-loaded HTML templates present on the website. Clastic also allows users to upload their own HTML templates. The client used this option in a campaign which was carried out at a later date. They used the HTML design assistance provided on the website to make things easier.

With a pre-verified list drilled down to meet their exact criteria, the client was able to see a high click rate of 44%, and a response rate of over 56%. Since the list was SPAM compliant, errors and bounces were low.

Clastic – the only prospecting solution which provides data and campaigns from a single platform, worked very well for the client. They had to put in minimal effort and the quarterly ROI jumped by 34%. The data is regularly updated on the site, which means that whenever a campaign is run, it is from a fresh list.

Another add-on that the client used was the clean up tool. The client uploaded their old database into the program and got a quick clean up. This list was reused for a few more campaigns through the scheduling tool.

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