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At Clastic, we work against spam. For this purpose, we have created a zero-spam tolerance policy to protect and increase delivery rates and safeguard the reputations of customers.

We follow the federal CAN-SPAM ACT to the word. It is the business standard for email marketing and we ensure that all our emails and our customers abide by it. We have included below a gist of some of the main guidelines which we follow in addition to the basic tenets of the ACT.

  1. If the customer is sending business emails which are non personal in nature, then they have to have explicit consent to do the same from the receiver. The customer should be able to show proof of this consent as and when requested. We suggest you use opt-in emails to sign up subscribers.
  2. The customer should ensure that the person you have requested for a sign up is in fact the person they claim to be and not a program or software designed for such purposes.
  3. Divulge information to the receiver as to where you have collected their mailing information from, such as a line like " you have received this email because you signed up for a newsletter from xyz company".
  4. All unsubscribe links embedded in the emails you send should be active from the day the recipient has opened the email to a period of 30 working days.
  5. All unsubscribe requests shall be entertained for a maximum period of10 working days from receipt of request.
  6. You should also provide sufficient and easy ways in which the receiver is able to unsubscribe from your program.
  7. The domain which is attached to your email program shall have its own privacy policy.
  8. You must have the ability to track down anonymous complaints raised against you.
  9. Information such as your geographical location and communications addresses need to be truthful and clear in your communications.

Complaint procedure:

If you have received any communication from users of Clastic without your consent, or you believe that you are receiving spam from them, here is a list of things you can do to stop it.

  1. Hit the unsubscribe button on the email you have received.
  2. Contact our support staff through any of the available means of communication on the CONTACT US page and describe in detail what the issue is.
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