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You want to know who we are? Can you keep it a secret?

We are allies of a secret agency that backed Batman!
Not really.

We are the new age good samaritans, who started off as an application development company back in 2010, from our secret warehouse in Bangalore, India. //started in 2010

Initially we decided to offer only customized CRM development, IB application development and API creation/ integration for some database marketing companies, because we never really thought businesses would need our help even in the execution of a marketing campaign!

With a few years into the field and converting our warehouse into a bigger outhouse, we understood business better and decided to make our very own marketing software - and with trends changing every other day, it was scary as hell!
But then again, “if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!”

The truth is that when we found this loophole, it was already 2013 and the number of small businesses springing up and eventually failing - was increasing by the day! We just had to do something, didn’t we?

Enter, Clastic.

The idea behind our product? To help those desperate marketers working for small businesses by getting them more prospects, identifying their leads and ensuring conversions while maintaining their brand’s integrity. Basically, keeping them from getting fired for no reason!

Not so surprisingly, our idea was a hit (if not a superhit) and we acquired Leadsberry in 2014. We simply integrated it to make Clastic more promising and useful for our people. Read, you.

Today, our outhouse looks like a tech hub!

We wouldn’t say we have arrived because even after our beta stage’s success, we have been working for donkey’s hours trying to improvise the product. Having had a couple of makeovers already - from a black magic witch to sleek secret operative, we’re trying our level best to groom the product for covert operations.

Want to get up, close and personal with us? Contact us now and let us entertain you with our story!

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