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Hearing a NO from ESPs was irritating, but so was building a prospect list and getting our messages delivered.

From reaching new prospects, to nurturing more leads and, to converting more sales with just emails, we make everything as easy as stealing candy from a baby

We are no good samaritans, but let's just make it easier for you

How do we do it?

  • Not be a pain to use - An easy to use platform for email marketers at all levels.
  • Offer you an almost ready to use list -- Integrated B2B email lists to make downloading precise target lists easy peasy and affordable
  • Criticize your campaign - Performance analysis to let you know what works or doesn't. We're tough examiners!
  • Do the bird watching - We simply point out the hot leads from the ones who are just not worth pursuing
  • Stalk your interests - Not really! We just help you manage your leads better.

We basically

hack the ROI

out of emails!

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Why do we do it?

We hate hearing a 'no'
Small businesses get rejected by most ESPs just because they want to make use of an integrated or a rendered or a rended list. We are all about legalities, but come on! What if that list is already complying with all privacy rules?

We love playing secret intelligence

Digging up secrets was our favorite childhood pastime, that just got worse. We love playing the secret intelligence force and hunting down your prospects to offer you a list that you can smart mailing right away!

We don't like beating about the bush
We hate it when our messages get lost on their way. So we decided to ensure at least your messages were being delivered to your prospects - on time

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